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Our Facility

Lost and Found - Complaints

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Let’s face it it, with 100 Oakland taxis on the street sometimes things get left in the car. It’s bound to happen, and when it does we have a system in place to help our riders retrieve their items. Introducing the Friendly cab lost and found line.

(510) 533-6931

Leave a short message describing the lost item, within 2 days a Friendly Cab agent will contact you about your lost item. You can also lodge any complaints you have about your Friendly Cab experience. All of our cars have a ‘cab number’. The cab number is on the passenger side hood, the passenger front door and sometimes on the driver’s door. When investigating lost items or complaints we can track the cab by it’s number, so when entering a cab be sure to take note of it.


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In the News

Contra Consta times

Oakland gets green taxis

By Janis Mara
Contra Costa Times
Posted: 03/11/2010 07:25:43 PM PST
OAKLAND - That bright green Friendly Cab taxi that just sped by you isn't just green on the outside.

Beneath its gleaming hood runs a gas-electric engine, and it's one of 17 new hybrids providing what the company calls Oakland's only environmentally friendly taxi option.

Oakland green cabsOakland cab outfit goes hybrid

By: Lillian R. Mongeau | February 24, 2010 – 10:52 pm | Filed Under: Business, Environment, Front |
An Oakland cabbie's life

Friendly Cab in Oakland has put 15 Ford Escape hybrids on the road in the last month in an effort to reduce its carbon emissions.

Our Facility

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Friendly Cab

Friend Cab operates from a 3-acre location in East Oakland’s High Street business district. Our headquarters is currently undergoing major renovation and construction to improve fleet management and the environment with state-of-the-art and green facilities. New features currently under construction include:

  • Car wash on-site, using “grey” (recycled) water
  • Preventing toxins from leaking into ground or storm drains
  • Bicycle parking and improved pedestrian and transit access for employees
  • Reorganized and much more efficient fleet parking system
  • Enhanced lighting and security for employees and neighbors
  • Installation of a “Cab Café” as a convenience for our drivers
  • Newly-built maintenance facilities

Driving Opportunities

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Just an Oakland Cab driver, that's what you might think. Our everyday heroes risk their own lives to help people in trouble. They do it without expectation of accolades or even a thank-you. They document the triumph of human spirit as they go above and beyond to make their community better. Their story is your story and their commitment to community helps brighten our everyday lives.


Here at Friendly Cab, we pride ourselves in providing our drivers with the opportunity to build a career. While driving an Oakland taxi cab can be a challenging and rigorous task, it can also lead to financial advancement. One of the found ders of Friendly Cab began his career with a single taxi that he drove for many years. After hard work and perseverance, he developed Friendly Cab into the East Bay's leading taxi provider.

In order to provide the best service and working environment, we not only follow municipal standards of driver training but also provide a curriculum developed by our management. Our driver training courses are designed for driver safety, road compliance, passenger courtesy, and awareness of special needs. Courteous, well-informed, and professional drivers are Friendly Cab's key training objectives. Our attentive and fair management practices are the reason many drivers have been with Friendly Cab for over 20 years. To find out more about driving opportunities, please contact our office and learn how driving a taxi may be great for you!

The following list is designed to help you organize yourself in obtaining an Oakland taxi cab driver permit. If you have any questions, please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Preview the application steps for new drivers

Step 1

  • Attend Information Session
  • Give Copy of Driver License & 3 Yrs. History to Friendly
  • Pay $50 Non-Refundable Insurance Approval Fee to Friendly
  • If Approved, Receive Driver Application

Step 2


  • Take Drug Test (First Get Form from Friendly):
    Go to 449 15th St. #201M, Oakland for Test
  • Submit Driver App. & Get Live Scan Form from City: File online http://www.oaklandnet.com/taxi/
  • Pay Fees & Perform Finger Printing at Police Department:
    Go to 455 7th St., 3rd Floor, Room 305, Oakland

Step 3


  • Go to City and give stamped Live Scan & Schedule Driver Class.
    Go to 1 Frank Ogawa Plaza, 11th Floor, Oakland
  • Attend Class & Pass Exam
  • Obtain Temporary Driver’s Permit
  • Place Deposit on Available Taxi Cab

Step 4


  • Sign Friendly Cab Lease Agreement
  • Complete Crash Training Course with Friendly
  • Start Driving a Taxi Cab!
Experienced Licensed Oakland Drivers
Friendlycab has an immediate need for Oakland cab drivers on all shifts and those willing to work graveyard shift. Be part of the most modern computer dispatch system on the west Coast. Our Taxi-Tracker system meets customer needs with the closest cab, automatically. Your next fare is always 5 minutes away.

Uber,  Lyft & Sidecar Drivers
Get legit and insure for your future. Cities are banning online services because the middle-man they cut out provides the revenue cities depend on to operate. Consider this, after 1 year of operating as an Uber driver your car will have 100,000 miles on it. The chances are slim you'll make enough to buy a new car, here's why.
Look at the math: From 100% of a regular taxi rate:
Deduct 20% Less for customary taxi driver tip which Uber refuses to enforce.
Deduct 20% Less for commission to Uber.
Deduct 30% Less for rates below normal taxi rates.
What is left is only 30% for the driver. So what is the profit for the long term? Not much, and you could end up without a car.

Company Profile

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An Oakland cab company, friendly cab, is the largest taxi transportation provider in the East Bay, serving a population of over two and a half million. Our large fleet of Oakland taxis and state-of-the-art digital dispatching technology make it easy for Bay Area taxi passengers to get what they want - a fast pickup and an enjoyable ride. You will be transported to your destination in one of our clean, late model air-conditioned taxi cabs, while enjoying personal service for one of our well-trained drivers. We strive to provide the highest level of customer service and maintain an overall standard of excellence.

Friendly Cab's technology is the most sophisticated in the industry, It's the Oakland cab company with the largest clean green fleet.

Each Friendly Cab is equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS) transponder and a digital terminal, so we know the exact real-time location of every vehicle. This helps us give you accurate time estimates for your taxi's arrival, and faster pickup times in concert with our location-aware digital dispatch system.
Our commitment to the community has been demonstrated by our 30-year record serving the Oakland - East Bay region. We have participated in many events and initiatives that help assist lower income households and disadvantaged residents, especially with their transportation needs. Our dedication has been recognized by hospitals, senior centers, and numerous government agencies who have made Friendly Cab their exclusive transportation provider.

The best and most often overlooked place for change is within. That’s why Friendly Cab has decided to restructure its internal infrastructure to enhance Oakland’s taxi service. With new and re-energized management, our customer-oriented service objectives include revamping driver training, using leading-edge technology, and improving dispatch. To better serve the senior community, we have dedicated a special phone line capable of higher sound amplitudes to better assist soft-spoken clientele. We are excited to debut new services, facilities, and vehicles in 2014.