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Oakland Taxi Cab Community


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Green CabsFriendly Cab has a fleet of more than 100 vehicles at our Oakland headquarters. We have introduced a fleet of fifteen new Ford Escape Hybrid-Electric taxis to provide a more luxurious and environmentally-friendly ride for our customers, and we are purchasing more with the eventual goal of converting the entire fleet to hybrids.

Friendly Cab taxis are maintained to the highest standards of quality and safety, in a newly-built garage at our headquarters. Our vehicles are also subject to regular inspection by the City of Oakland. Friendly Cab has a full selection of standard, hybrid-electric, and minivan vehicles to meet all taxi needs.


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Our commitment to the Oakland community has spanned three decades. Since 1982, Friendly Cab has provided critical transportation services to hospitals, schools, senior centers, non-profit organizations, and the general public. We are trusted by hospitals to deliver blood to patients in life-threatening circumstances. Friends and family members rely on our taxis to visit loved ones. We work closely with police departments to improve public safety. We annually contribute to many community-serving organizations including churches, hospitals, and schools. With the launch of our improved dispatch system, mobile and online booking options, and more environmentally-friendly taxi vehicles, we look forward to serving the East Bay community even better in the decades to come.

Notice to Persons with Disabilities:
Friendly Transportation operates a limited number of wheelchair-accessible vans. While we will make every effort to accommodate your request for a van, we may be unable to provide a van at the time you desire. We encourage you to give us as much notice as possible. Van service is available Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm only.

In the event we cannot accommodate your request, to the best of our information the following ride services offer wheelchair-accessible vans in the East Bay:

Name Telephone Number
Transport Medics 1-800-811-5328
Wheelcare Express 510-436-5040
Bell Transit 510-430-9600
Quality Transit 510-437-9401
Welcome Transportation 510-522-8911
DeSoto Cab (Dublin — serves East Bay)    925-777-7777
Transdev Services 408-282-4708; 510-496-2016
Easy Does It (Berkeley only) 510-704-2111